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1. Do you take the blinds with you if you come to my home?

It is rare that a blind would have to be taken back for repair. We carry a large selection of commonly used parts for the major manufactures, however there are thousands of parts and not everything can be stocked or found as they may be obsolete and other parts are not cost effective to stock.

2. What do I do without my blind in the window?

You can put up a sheet or a blanket up in the window or purchase temporary shades at Home Depot or Lowes.

3. Who can you recommend that sells blinds?

Any of the drop-off locations listed, with the exception of Pack N’ Post, which is a packing and shipping business.

4. How much does it cost to come to my home?

For the Albuquerque and Rio Rancho areas there is a trip charge of $35; outside the area the trip charge is $45 and a mileage charge may apply for some parts of Placitas, East Mountains. We can discuss these charges and schedule an appointment for your blinds will be repaired on-site.

5. Do you provide free on-site estimates?

No, we will be happy to discuss the repair with you on the phone but there is a $35 trip charge to travel and look at the blind to discuss options for repairs or replacements.

6. What type or form of payment do you except? Do you take credit cards?

The drop-off locations can take a check or cash only. You will have to provide exact change if you are picking up a blind at one of these locations, since they are unable to process credit cards or make change for repairs. We can take credit cards for on-site service; however, there is a 3% convenience charge that is charged for the transaction.

7. I want to get my Hunter Douglas blind fixed that is under warranty.

We are unable to handle any warranty issues since they are handled through the manufacturer; Hunter Douglas. You need to call the retailer that you purchased the blinds from and discuss your options with them. If it is a Hunter Douglas product you may call the Customer Information Center at 1-800-227-8953 regarding warranty issues. If you purchased your blinds from the Blind Man and they are less than seven years old, they will still be under Hunter Douglas warranty. Any lifetime warranty that you may have had from the Blind Man is proprietary to them, but since they are out of business, the lifetime warranty is null and void. Should you decide to have us repair your blinds, please call us to discuss the cost of repairs.

8. I am looking for a part—do you sell parts?

No, we only offer repair service. If you are looking for just parts, visit the following websites: www.blindsparts.com, www.blindparts.com and www.fixmyblinds.com where they have pictures of the parts they carry and you can identify what you are looking for.

9. What hours are service calls? How early or late can a call be scheduled?

In-house blind repair is done early mornings. Service calls for the Northeast heights, southern part of Albuquerque and the East Mountain area are from around 10 a.m. to around 3 to 4 p.m. For the Westside of Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, Corrales and Placitas we can schedule a call from around 9 a.m. to around 4 p.m. We are closed for business on weekends and holidays. Service calls require at least a one-hour window. Because we cover such a large area, calls are scheduled geographically. For customers who work not too far from home and can go home for lunch, between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. often works well, where we would call and give you a 30-minute notice that we are on our way.

10. How soon can I expect a reply to my call or email?

Replies are made between 8:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

11. How far ahead do you book service calls?

Generally speaking, we can schedule you within a few days or up to one week, depending on what part of town you are located in, your schedule, as well as our current work load.

12. Do you sell blinds?

No, we provide only repair service; however there are many good retailers that sell a variety of blinds depending on what products you are looking for.


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1. Do you repair all types of blinds?

We repair wood, faux wood, mini, vertical, cellular and pleated, Roman shades and woven woods. Depending on the manufacturer, type and age of blind, and part availability, not all blinds are cost effective to repair, or can be repaired because some parts are obsolete, or because of design that requires it to be sent back to manufacture for repair. For vertical tracks that are older than five to eight years, the plastic parts are too brittle to disassemble, and parts are limited or not stocked; however, in most cases we can replace the pull cord and perform maintenance, adjustments and lubrication on all tracks. We do not repair recreational vehicle blinds, nor can we take down blinds that are in clerestory or two-storey windows, since we do not carry an extension ladder and for liability reasons do not provide this service. We do carry a three-step stepstool and a foldable ladder with a 6 to 13 foot extension. All cordless blinds have to be sent back to the manufacturer for repair. For clerestory/two-storey windows, you may contact Dennis Loker, a very good installer, at 263-3208. If you have a window-washing service, they can usually take the blind down for you. There are no repairs available for torn fabric issues or cell separation on honeycomb shades. We do not do any repairs on wood shutters. If you can provide the manufacturer, type and approximate age of the blind (as much information as possible), and the problem you are having, this will help in determining the ability for the repair.

2. How long does repair take if I drop the blind off?

Five to seven business days, depending on which location the blinds are dropped off at and when they are picked up. We are unable to provide while-you-wait, same-day or next-day repair service.

3. I live out of town, can I send my blind to you for repair?

Yes, you are welcome to send it to the Pack N’ Post address as they handle all of our shipping and receiving. You will need to speak with us first to discuss repair costs.

4. I would like to get my blind repaired, what do you charge?

Repair costs vary depending on the size and type of blind, the quantity and nature of the repair, but basically there is a per-blind charge starting at $3.50 for adjustments for cracked cord equalizer cover replacements on Hunter Douglas blinds, and $5 for pull-cord replacements and on average $20 to $30 and up to re-cord a cellular or honeycomb blind plus parts, depending on the size and manufacture. The cord is included, but depending on the manufacturer of the blind, you may need a new cord lock and cord guides as they wear out. If they are not replaced, the new cord will not last very long as the worn parts will chew up the cord. Depending on the quantity of blinds to be repaired, discounts will be applied. Other types of blinds and repairs have different repair costs and will have to be discussed.

5. I was given this number and told that you would repair my blind under warranty at no charge.

I am sorry, but you were given incorrect information. You have to go back to your retailer or call Hunter Douglas or whatever manufacture of blind you have

6. Do you know anyone in the Santa Fe, East Mountain, Edgewood, Morarity and Los Lunas/Belen areas that you can recommend to repair blinds?

No, I am sorry we do not have anyone that we know of in these areas to recommend. However you are welcome to drop the blind off at one of the drop-off locations in Albuquerque or Rio Rancho.

7. Will you call me with the cost of repair before doing the work?

Yes, just be sure to request an estimate on the repair tag that you will be given to fill out.

Drop Off Information

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1. Where are the drop- off locations?

Please click on the Drop Off Locations tab on the left.

2. Do I just drop my blind off with my name on it or do I give my name to you?

Each location provides repair tags for you to fill out and be sure to take your claim check. Once you have dropped the blind off, please notify us and specify the location where you dropped it off.

3. Wasn’t there a drop-off location at Blindscapes on San Mateo north of Alameda and at the Blind Man on Osuna?

Blindscapes has closed their showroom and is currently a home-based business, so they are no longer a drop-off point. The Blind Man has gone out of business.

4. Do you clean the blind when they are dropped off for repair or do you offer a cleaning service?

No, we offer only repair service. The few companies that provided ultrasonic cleaning service have gone out of business and we do not have anyone to refer you to.

5. Can you meet me at the drop off location or can I meet up with you at some location to look at my blind?

No, I am sorry but because of scheduling and being all over town at different times it is not possible to meet up outside of scheduling a service call for an on-site repair.